gurtner peugeot 103 12mm stock carburetor
gurtner 12mm peugeot 103 stock carburetor



gurtner 12mm stock carburetor... yes, we have them now and we know you've been waiting for so long for this amazing carb!! this would be good if you want to replace your leaky old crappy stock carb and keep your stock 103 running very slowly, hahaa!

got a peugeot vogue? try this gurtner

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5 of 5 Like chili cheese/ asada/ pastrami fries August 28, 2020
taco eater : the Brapologist from Stanton, CA United States  
I looove  shiny things, especially when they fit where you expect them to. Got a U1 that somebody pawned off on you? This and a 35" belt will have you blasting them Solexera. Got a Dell SHA 15 that didn't work out? Boomers will be blowing up your Letgo inbox when you strap this home.

I just wonder how much Cosmik Debris Benji had to shoulder to get these. Doesn't matter, these WONderful

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5 of 5 what is this? February 23, 2012
taco eater : Maize "CORN" Diffley from Minneapolis, MN United States  
i opened my treats and they threw one of these is for free. it was an old dirty one with a intake even. i have not used it, but it looks great. i highly recommend this carb!!!

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