garelli brn 3 SHOE / 1 SCREW racing clutch (kickstart)
garelli brn 3 SHOE racing clutch

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this is the three shoe racing clutch made by brn for kick start garellis, want to use this on yer regular model? there's a way!

these have 1 tension spring adjusting screw for each of the clutch pads.

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5 of 5 This is the Jam! November 16, 2011
taco eater : Aaron from Nashville, TN  
I like this clutch more than the two shoe.  It looks more sturdy than the two shoe and it can handle late engagements pretty well.  I run it in a NOI with the polini kit.  Make sure you change out the springs if these ever come back into stock.  Use these springs or else you will be sad when your clutch springs break...which they will do if you use the stock springs.

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