derbi flat reed airsal 50cc kit - 39.9mm
derbi flat reed airsal 50cc kit - 39.9mm



very rad derbi flat reed airsal 39.9mm 50cc nikasil aluminum cylinder kit for flat reed engines, yay. this kit is very nice, comes with a single ringed piston, all gaskets needed, head, base, and exhaust! 6 auxiliary ports and a nice big ol' exhaust port. this kit is a wonder, so much room to explore with a dremel to make it go go go gooo goooo gooooo fasttttt!!!

***these no longer come with a PHBG intake! bummer***

p.s. this kit likes to be on a peugeot with a lil help, base plate riser and some fin and case shaving. totally worth the work if you have the time and experience to do it!

comes with cylinder, piston, wrist pin, clips, gaskets (head, base and exhaust) + phbg flat reed intake!


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