dellorto SHA 14.12 carburetor with lever choke
  dellorto SHA 14.12 carburetor


this is the stock carb on some mopeds. these come with 18mm inner diameter shims.

easily usable on peugeot 103, motobecane, minarelli, garelli, tomos, puch...just make sure you get the right intake if ya need one or the right shim.

this carb is for the smaller size outer diameter intakes (18mm outer diameter) as found on lotsa bikes, measure that thing man!. check it out before you buy

this is the lever choke version.

comes jetted at 57 main usually!

includes slide #2 usually!

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great carb for motobecane 7 September 7, 2014
taco eater: chad salter from san francisco, CA United States  
Installed with a 1mm shim right to my stock intake !
You'll need a straight banjo fuel intake.
I had to hammer a small 1/4 in dent in my frame, so the carb would fit and be aligned and level. Nice and snugg... the manual choke doesn't disengage unless u pull the air screen and push it back up. . So i took it apart and ground off the hook . So it's fully manual now..  bike started right up. Sweeet...

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excellent and consistent April 29, 2011
taco eater: heywood jablome from pa  
works great, its an sha, what else is there to say?

50v- 56 jet, 53 with the stock filter
motorized bike- 63 jet no filter

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I put one on a 1975 Motobecane November 21, 2010
taco eater: Micheal Hernan from North Benton, OH United States  
It works fine! The old Gurtner could not be made to work.

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easy to use/work on July 22, 2010
taco eater: Stefan Didizian from Huntingdon Valley, PA United States  
easy to install. Use a 1mm shim for the stock motobecane bendy intake. With the lever choke you can rip off the choke cable from the old carb and never look back! get around 53 for a moby 50v

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replaced Encarwi (Batavus HS50) November 4, 2009
taco eater: Dimitri Tripodakis from Needham, MA United States  
I replaced the Encarwi carb on my otherwise STOCK Batavus HS-50 (25mph version). To do the same, you will need a shim for the manifold since it is 2mm smaller in diameter. The throttle cable will "plug and play". The choke cable you will need to toss or find a way to make it work. The clearance for the fuel line is tight but it can fit with no problems or alterations. Finally, I used a round file to open up the inner diameter (ID) of the stock manifold to match the ID of the "out-take" of the Dellorto 14.12. The HS50 now runs consistently well using a #61 jet (on the rich side I believe). I haven't clocked the mph but it definitely feels faster overall. Not much difference in acceleration as in cruising/top speed. Im glad I replaced the stock carb with this one, the moped feels much more reliable. And of course, thanks TREATS for your super fast shipping and moreover, your....well, to say it simple, you guys are nice people.

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