complete gy6 clutch/driven pulley assembly for scooters and moped race hackers
complete gy6 clutch/driven pulley assembly for scooters and moped race hackers



a complete gy6 50cc stock like rear driven pulley/clutch assembly for most all 50cc 4 stroke chinese scooters and other things too. you could use this for modifying variated mopeds like vespa, hobbit or even derbi! 

**ATTN, these currently do not come with a clutch bell**

clutch bell ID = 107mm
variator pulley OD = 118mm
bell spline ID = about 11mm

for use with a tapered shaft like this one. 17mm on the back and 13mm on the clutch bell side. so there are two different size bearings on the inside of this thing. the clutch bell locks in the splined side of the shaft.

here is just the clutch BELL separately
here is the regular clutch and we also have the racing clutch for this too!

we have all the gy6 50 scooter parts here!

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Great little clutch assembly, but doesn't fit NU50 November 18, 2016
taco eater : Jules Suzdaltsev from San Francisco, CA United States  
I originally bought the clutch inside of this separately, but ended up destroying my original clutch assembly trying to install it. Instead, I bought this assembly to replace the whole thing, since this page is linked from the purchase page, and it turned out that this assembly is at about half an inch too wide for the NU50. So, don't buy it for that. Still, great lil clutch assembly, if it fits your bike.

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bitchin hobbito November 2, 2011
taco eater : Nam from seattle,wa  
took this apart and it already had a the straight channel torque driver on it, sweet!

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Scooter parts are better January 7, 2011
taco eater : seniorita gato from ann arbor mi  
Ok so gy6 scooter parts are way nicer than moped components for the money.  This 107mm setup is for piaggio style clutches and whatnot, of which there is a HUGE selection out there.  You can get clutches with arms with adjustable weights, adjustable spring pre-load, etc.  Plus you can get performance springs to delay variation.  This thing is heavy though, so be aware of that. I ordered a performance clutch and bell that is a significant amount ligher to reduce overall weight.  I used the matching shaft (see description) and some handywork to make this fit on my hobbit rear drive:

A 5/8 inch wide belt (5vx... where ... is the length in inches, for examle 5vx570 is a 57 inch belt) fits this pretty ok, it is what I run.  The doppler front variators for pug and motobecane can be widened to 5/8 and beyond for fun belt matching times.

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