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vespa pinasco dual carburetor case half
vespa pinasco dual carb reed valve case half for 46/47mm cylinders

pinasco reed inducted case half for dual carbs on any vespa/kinetic moped, 46/47mm version!

why would you want just one carb anyway? two carbs, two pizzas, two girlfriends, two boyfriends, two mopeds, two is clearly better.

jimmy says two thirteen carbs donnnn equal a 26mm carb for all you arithmeticians out there.
domino dual carburetor throttle assembly - 1335.03
domino dual carburetor throttle assembly - 1335.03

domino dual carburetor throttle. so this throttle will pull two throttle cables at the same time. this is not a push pull throttle. it's dual pull. for twin carburetor set ups and twin cylinder motorcycles or mopeds too.