motobecane MBK av7 av10 doppler variator ER3 with clutch function for kickstart
motobecane moped doppler variator ER3 kickstart



for bad dudes, the absolute highest quality DOPPLER variator for mbk, with clutch function, for kickstart engines only and expert mopeders

the kickstart models have a bearing on the variator so the belt just rolls at idle, making it impossible to start the bike without a kickstart. once you start giving it gas the variator closes and grabs the belt and away you go. interesting concept for mod racers too? perhaps.

apparently if you decide to use the mbk doppler crankshaft with this variator you will need to use the stock variator nut to make it work pefecto!

doppler number 292536

clutch function means you are using this with your stock pulley or one like this

a beloved customer writes in "hey man, just thought i'd let you know that er3 variator "kick start version" is just the version with the clutch function, they made it so you didn't need a clutch pulley and you can push the bike around without it running and idle and all those good things. To start the bike without a kickstart, you can just wrap a rope around the flywheel for rad pullstart awesomeness. Just thought i'd fill ya in.mmm thatsa tasty price too."

or get a complete av10 kickstart unit here

***NOTE: These now come in stunning black. New pic coming soon!!***

here's a video someone made too of starting with this variator on a non kickstart av7. donn forget your popcorn.

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5 of 5 It’s nice August 9, 2020
taco eater : Rocco trotto from Zimbabwe  
Yea the Doppler belt fucks ur er3 up

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5 of 5 Straight moneymaker April 26, 2019
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Oakland , CA United States  
Excellent alternative to the clutch pulley set up. Easy as fuck to take on 'n off / no stupid ass circlips / easily tuned with external weights. Additionally it magically seems to have the perfect amount of " clutch slip " off the line.


1. Because the idle function is the belt sitting on the bearing at idle. You can't have your belt aligned at full variation. It will have your alignment way too much off at idle and you will have idle issues due to the belt rubbing on the inner cheek. So you kinda have to align it at idle while paying attention that it's not TOO far off at full variation.

2. Multiple people have reports of the variator hitting the pulley at full variation with Doppler belt. I do not have this problem at all with the normal ax belt. The pulleys collide because the Doppler belt is 1mm wider and thus it variates farther. Some people run the Doppler belt regardless but admit they might not be COMPLETELY variating.

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5 of 5 Firecracker October 3, 2014
taco eater : bitchfire from Hamilton, Bermuda  
Damn this thing rips. Got the Ninja G3 pipe to go with it and Oh yeah the launch lever. It's wicked. No starting issues (cardboard, popcorn seed etc. get the pullstart Tomahawk tuning starting issues solved.
go for it you will not be disappointed.

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5 of 5 Instant rpm's, your friends will be jealous !! August 19, 2013
taco eater : Flock of Beards from Midland, MI United States  
Works great with engine spring. Made my moby rip out of the hole. Doppler spring+Doppler pipe+Doppler er3= major rippage.

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5 of 5 GET THAT WEIGHT OFF YOUR CRANK AND BLAST!!!!!!!!!! December 19, 2012
taco eater : Adam Pereira from castro valley, CA United States  
I went with this as an upgrade to my Varplus...night and day!!  Coax the stock clutch and vario assembly off...take some alleve...and rest assured this is the last headache this area will give you.

Once lubed, loctited, and installed...the world is yours!!!  Go BLAST!!  

Seriously...this has to be the best option for non-clutch pulley mobys, no? Oh so pretty...weight adjustments in a snap...simple puller removal, (no clips!!) for maintaining that sexy lil puppy.

Also....Doppler belt is the best fit to the cheek I've found...definitely grippy and not being eaten.

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