peugeot MVT allumage MILLENIUM CDI ignition - small taper
Peugeot allumage MVT millenium CDI ignition

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12v allumage MVT millenium CDI ignition for most peugoet mopeds, 103, tsm, tsa + more. includes some of what you need to set it up - stator plate, flywheel, CDI box, nuts/bolts and illustrated instructions in french.

this CDI works with peugeot cranks with the small taper.

the peugeot one does NOT come with an external coil. get this one or try another.

lights, yes!

and if you need a puller get the 27mm x 1.25mm / 20mm x 1mm super puller!

i recommend translating the instructions from french to your native tongue for full understanding. here is a translation of the steps that explain how to mount the stater.

"remove the original bolts for fixing behind the plate. position the 2 5x20 domed head allen bolts in place of the original bolts. position the MVT stator with 2 provided 5x20 allen bolts, postion the stater so the wires are not pinched."

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